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Thread: Rich Franklin doesn't enjoy watching UFC fights

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    Default Rich Franklin doesn't enjoy watching UFC fights

    Rich Franklin doesn't enjoy watching UFC fights

    As a matter of fact, Franklin hardly ever turns on the UFC when it shows on TV just because he can't sit and relax to watch as a regular fan just enjoying the combat between two fighters.

    "It's different for me. Like I don't sit down on a Saturday night and watch the fights like a casual fan. I'm analyzing fighters. The worst part about watching fights for me, it puts me in the mental mindset as if I'm there fighting. I've really gotten to the point where I don't necessarily enjoy the fights as a spectator like I used to 15 years ago," Franklin told The Great MMA Debate podcast.
    "I'll watch the occasional fight with my friends, but even then you'll see me sitting on the couch kind of bobbing and weaving as if I'm in the cage. It's a really weird feeling."

    It's much more likely that the Sunday following a big fight card, Franklin is online watching highlights and reading the news about what happened as opposed to sitting down and witnessing everything unfold live.

    "I'll catch the highlights and read the headlines the next day," Franklin said.
    "The fight game is something that I know well and one thing I'm not going to do is rush the preparation. That's how I'll end up approaching my last fight with a really, really intelligent approach."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    I'm pretty sure the casual fans aren't the ones that sit and watch every fight every week, they will maybe catch 2 or 3 cards a year and only pay attention to the last two fights.

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    The title is little misleading. He says he doesn't enjoy fights like he used to, when he could just be a fan.. not that he doesn't enjoy watching fights at all anymore.

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