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I agree. The last performance where he looked very good was against Kongo, that was in 2009.
The last performance where he looked amazing was against Nogueira, that was in 2008.

Since then, he won 3 fights, but in all those 3 fights he looked very very unimpressive.
Of his last 6 loses, no one of them was even competitive. Mir was absolutely dominated in all of those loses.

Maybe Mir is still capable of beating someone like Nikita Krylov for example, but he is not a Top 10 fighter anymore.
Aye, I agree. And in that fight Nogueira looked like he needed to retire with his staph infection.

I used to be excited to see Frank Mir fight, but nowadays his fights just seem very lackluster. I don't think there's much reason to keep him with his current contract as a gatekeeper and I don't think he can win anyone in the top 10.

Hopefully though Dana won't go on his usual "he needs to retire" rampage...