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It is the truth. Weidman dominated Anderson in both fights. We can argue about how the fights ended (specially the second one), but we can not argue that Weidman was anyway beating the hell out of Silva, specially in the second fight.

As for Jones and his comments, lol, it is not his business
When i think of a person dominating another fighter, the result of the fight shouldnt have a * next to it - weather it belongs there or not. fight one - Anderon gets TKO'd ***** clowning. Yes he does it all the time we get it, but the * is still there. The second fight DEFINITELY has an * next to based solely on the leg break. A W is a W and im not trying to say weidman didnt win, but when a fight ends like that im sorry theres no real 'winner' in that fight. It was a fluke. Insert * #2.

As for the Jones commenting part, you do know he was asked this question by someone. Its not like Jones popped on twitter one day and just decided to give his point of view on the subject. He simply answered the question with how he honestly felt on the subject. Cut the guy some slack.