Tyler Manawaroa racist Instagram photo rocks TUF Nations cast, jeopardizes UFC future
Australian middleweight Tyler Manawaroa has found himself in hot water after a fellow member of TUF: "Nations" -- currently airing every Wednesday night on FOX Sports 1 -- blew the whistle on "Wild Thing" for a racist photo uploaded to his Instagram account.

By "racist," I don't mean playfully using the N-word like he's trying to be gangsta, I mean "racist" as in a little African-American baby in a shopping cart with a smorgasbord of awful hashtags that have to be seen to be believed. Not that we didn't already know the world was full of idiots, but still, to see it displayed so proudly is kind of unsettling.

And it has been sitting there for 18 months, which makes it difficult to use the "I've been hacked!" defense (click here if you must see it).
Naturally, the rest of the TUF cast was not amused, nor was coach Patrick Cote, who responded by calling Manawaroa a "loser." In addition, former UFC middleweight David Loiseau offered to rectify matters by "teaching him a lesson about respect" inside the cage.

UFC has yet to respond.