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Heavily regulated? By whom exactly? Do you have any idea of what it would take to regulate the internet?

Businesses adapt. They have in the past, and will continue to find ways to adapt, or they die. The internet has been around for about 3 decades now, and economies are still flourishing. It's just part of reality.
The US government with the puppet hole in its ass being invaded by corporations who want to defend every cent of their "intellectual property". SOPA and it's other incarnations are only the beginning.

Be it from within the US or unraveled into trade agreements. Internet regulation is an eventuality. It's just a matter of the most streamlined way to curtail net neutrality in order to provide definite ways to monetize content and legal methods of prosecution/fining. It may not happen in this decade, but the next will prove to have some radical changes to the internet, particularly in regards to freedom. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some world event that led to a crackdown on internet security.