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Thread: UFC shuts down illegal PPV stream, seizes website records and threatens to prosecute

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    It may be covered by the specific wording.

    I'll try and pay attention next time.

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    Microsoft can't stop us from pirating and the majority of the users doing the pirating are using Microsoft Windows to do it. Hell, my computer is running on a pirated copy of Windows, and I use my pirated version of Windows to pirate even more software, media, and video games.

    Both the MPAA and the FCC have been fighting piracy for years, and being that I have pirating stuff since 2003, they certainly have not made it any harder. If anything it is easier now than it was just 5 years ago thanks the increase in internet speeds.

    So for the above reasons, I think it is either ignorant or arrogant of the UFC to think that they will stop the pirating of their product. Probably a little of both.
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