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Thread: Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva Upgraded to Main Event, Moves to UFC Event in Brazil

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    The entire....scene? Yea, scene. This is the entire scene for context purposes.

    20 guys couldnt pull Chael off Wandy (who by the way looks like a complete fool that entire scene....) how does he expect to get up when he doesnt have 20 guys to get Chael off him?


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    The strangely sincere moment in the Sonnen-Silva brawl on 'TUF: Brazil 3'

    I’ll admit that when I sat down to watch the episode of “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3” in which Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen brawl on-set, it was originally to see for myself whether it was staged. More accurately, it was to see exactly how staged it was.

    That’s the Sonnen Curse. The man knows how to make headlines and rip off sound bites, but he’s also got a little bit of a sincerity problem. His dedication to his persona runs so deep that it’s less a matter of figuring out if he’s faking it as it is to what extent, and to what end.

    With this in mind, I sat down to watch my first episode of “TUF: Brazil 3″ on UFC Fight Pass. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot like the original “TUF,” by which I mean the 2005 “TUF” with the team challenges and the ham-fisted product placement. There also are female coaches who seem to have no knowledge whatsoever about the sport of MMA, but apparently they’re big in Brazil for basketball or volleyball or something, and so sure, why not have them hang around and make vaguely inspirational speeches? Poppa Chael can only do so much as a foreigner in a distant land.

    Then comes the fight, which erupts after a fairly standard trash-talk session between two rival coaches. Silva makes clear his fervent desire to hurt Sonnen. Sonnen sarcastically wonders why they can’t exchange pleasantries when they pass each other in the halls. It’s aggression vs. ironic insincerity, which, be honest, is exactly what we all expected from this pairing.

    Then something kind of remarkable happens. As Silva is getting in Sonnen’s face, miming the threat of an attack in order to get Sonnen to flinch, junior high school-style, the veneer slips.

    “Please stop,” Sonnen tells Silva, and there’s something in his voice that seems different. It’s as if he’s just now realizing that this guy isn’t in on the joke, that he’s about to go off-script. Rather than wait around to see exactly what that will look like, Sonnen shoves Silva out of sucker-punching range.

    “I can’t let you get close,” Sonnen explains as he puts up his dukes. It hits the viewer like a sudden spasm of honesty. He’s not acting anymore. He’s actually a little worried. Something is really going to happen here.

    And then it does happen, with Silva swinging a wide right and Sonnen ducking under it to take him down (even in flip-flops, which is how you know he probably wasn’t planning on getting into it with Silva when he showed up to the set that day). What follows is a few sucker punches from one of Silva’s assistant coaches, then a lot of shoving and shouting and tussling about.

    Pretty unsatisfying for a show about professional fighters, really. It’s kind of like tuning in to one of those cooking shows and seeing a chef make himself a quick tuna sandwich for lunch. You know they can do better, so who cares to see them do worse?

    Still, it’s that line from Sonnen that stuck with me: “I can’t let you get close.” Like he felt the need to explain why he was shoving Silva away. A very un-Sonnen thing to do, when you think about it, which only tells us how effectively Sonnen has manipulated our expectations of him.

    See, he’s playing a part, and we know it. He knows that we know, and so he’s very good about not letting the mask slip. That’s why when there’s a moment like this – a moment that actually seems real – it’s so weirdly interesting, far more so than the sloppy scramble that follows. It’s moments like that which remind us that there’s a person under there, and that person does not wish to be sucker-punched by Wanderlei Silva.

    For a second, we almost relate to him. Then he’s back to being the same old Sonnen, and we’re back to wondering just how seriously we’re supposed to take him.
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    Chael has said that Wanderlei is wanting to postpone the fight again until late July. Obviously take it for what it's worth.
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    Andre Dida on sucker punching Chael Sonnen - 'I would be a coward if I did nothing'

    "Many people called me a coward, but that's not true. I would be a coward if I did nothing," he said. "I was watching someone that I admire since I was 13 in a bad situation, so I had to do something. My body told me to punch him to make them stop fighting.

    "I was hoping that Sonnen would stand up and fight me. I wanted to get him off Wanderlei, and now people call me a coward. Imagine that you're in a situation like that. You're in a supermarket and when you get back, someone in on top of your mother, your brother, your sister. Your instinct tells you to stop him as fast as possible. I did the same thing with Wanderlei Silva as soon as I saw that (Sonnen) was trying to hurt him."
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    It was all planned. No matter how someone tries to say that it was real because Sonnen's voice sounded different and because he was wearing flip flops...

    First of all, after the shoving, there were some seconds in which both of them were "ready to fight" already moving with their hands up, and then as soon as Sonnen took Wanderlei down, suddenly 20 fighters appeared to try and separate them.
    Pff seriously if the whole thing was real, the fighters would calm down both of the coaches after the shoving.

    Secondly, 20 strong men could not take Sonnen from Wanderlei?? hahahaha oh please! That shit happens only in WWE.

    Thirdly, both Sonnen and Wanderlei are experienced enough to know how to control their emotions.

    So it was all fake! No one was caring about TUF anymore so they needed to do something like this.
    Needless to say that Wand is not a very good actor and all his hate towards Sonnen looks very fake.

    They will fight, and regardless of the result after the fight they will shake hands, and say how good of a fighter the other guy is.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    If this wasn't Chael, would we still think that is was all fake?
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    I don't think the actual fight was fake, but I do think that Wandy (and everyone in the world) obviously knew that this is what the UFC wanted. I think Wandy ended up getting legitimately upset and ended up looking foolish. Lost a lot of fans. Apparently there has been negative backlash from Brazilians on his twitter.

    But none of that matters, because I agree that Wandy will pull out of the fight for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    I don't think the actual fight was fake, but I do think that Wandy (and everyone in the world) obviously knew that this is what the UFC wanted. I think Wandy ended up getting legitimately upset and ended up looking foolish. Lost a lot of fans. Apparently there has been negative backlash from Brazilians on his twitter.

    But none of that matters, because I agree that Wandy will pull out of the fight for some reason.
    I agree with this the whole thing was stupid but I don;t think it was 100 percent staged. An example of a clearly staged quarrel was that Rampage Mo shit that just went down in Bellator.

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    I don't think the fight was as staged as most would think. But when Chael is involved, the lines have become so blurred I understand why most would think that.
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    just watched the fight and had to get on the net to tell everyone how big a pussy andre dida is..

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