UFC 175: Wanderlei Silva blames TUF editing for painting him the 'villain' and Chael Sonnen 'the good guy'
According to Silva, it's the editing of the TUF producers that are to blame for painting him as a villain and making Sonnen look like the good guy.

He explained it all to MMA Fighting:

"They edited a lot of things, and unfortunately, the production decided to paint me as the villain. But that is not right, because he said horrible things about us, and disrespected me at every moment during filming. This good guy you're watching on television is not how things are for real. He said and did a lot of things that aren't being shown. What was shown on the show is not everything that happened. Behind what happened there is the motives and the reason why I was mad that day. Beside the absurd (things) that he has said about all of us, he had been provoking me and disrespecting me. Right on the first episode, he called me stupid. Not at any moment did I go down to his level."

This isn't the first time TUF producers have been accused of editing the show in order to vilify a fighter.

Ronda Rousey had the same issue when she coached opposite Meisha Tate on season 18. That's one of the reasons why "Rowdy" proclaimed that she would never participate in the show again.