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Thread: Daniel Cormier Remains on UFC 170, Meets Newcomer Patrick Cummins

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Icon View Post
    touche but for the record nobody is calling wrestling a sport, its sports entertainment, If you read my post above, I myself said it isn't a sport but more of an art form much like Ballet. My point is that professional wrestling may have determined outcomes but to sit here and down talk what they do for our entertainment is ignorant.
    I'm not sure who you might be addressing.

    I don't think clarifying that it isn't a sport is down talking anything...but you may not have been addressing anything I've written.

    Wrestlers put themselves at risk every time they step in the ring, so to call it bullshit is disrespectful. I would challenge anyone on this forum to go through wrestling training and come back and tell me what they just did was "fake", in fact I bet 50% would not make it through a week.
    I wouldn't make a week in Jim Rose's Circus, either. But that's not a sport, either.

    I get that pro wrestling is a polarizing discussion, especially here but it frustrates me to see people make such statements without true knowledge. Stating that the only people that enjoy wrestling are those with low IQ's is simply not true and is offensive to those of us that enjoy the product for what it is.
    Again, I didn't make any of those statements, and I certainly can't speak for anyone's IQ.
    But anyone pretending it's a sport--or even stretching it to "sports entertainment" is fooling themselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    ballet dancers are more athletic than professional wrestlers.

    No...not it's not.
    Your syntax doesn't match my statement, so I'm not sure where to begin.
    But if you think your average professonal wrestler is more athletic than your average professional ballet dancer, you would be incorrect.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmawolverine View Post
    so apparently rivetheads hatred for prowrestling must be linked to childhood trauma same as my distain for clowns.
    I don't hate anything, not even politicians...although I do wish they'd all go away.

    I am a big fan of accuracy, however.

    I never understood why people shit on prowrestling for being fake. All performing arts are fake in the sense that they are scripted and predetermined but u dont hear people cryn that their favorite movie soap opera or ballet was fake. All performing arts require passion and skill stop dissn pro wrestling.
    I would say you've hit the nail on the head. Far more than "sports entertainment" I'd say that professional wrestling is an "athletic soap opera."

    The difference to me is that using a term like "sports" directly implies competition, and you're left with the impression that it would be something like an exhibition match, where athletes compete, but not as vigorously as usual. The scripted, albeit passionate choreography of professional wrestling are much closer to a soap opera being performed by athletic individuals.

    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    I had a buddy who is a wrestling coach and consultant over who said the exact same thing repeatedly. He said they just keep rotating fresh guys in for 30-45 minutes until you break and everyone breaks.

    So what.
    yes. Patrick was lucky to be at that exact place in line, at that exact time, with those exact circumstances.

    It doesn't mean he can't win, it just means that it's not a good indicator of what will happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    It is a desperate attempt to start a rivalry to try and salvage this card from getting less than 200k buys.

    Quote Originally Posted by scottsec View Post
    This ppv is shit....
    and yes.

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