Dana White confirms UFC is developing universal uniforms for all fighters to wear
It may soon be time to say goodbye to fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) wearing different brands of gear when entering the Octagon, as UFC President Dana White confirmed on Thursday that the promotion is developing a standard uniform that all fighters will wear.

I cannot imagine an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event without Affliction shirts or Dynamic Fastener logos, but according to UFC President Dana White, the promotion is currently developing an official UFC uniform that all fighters would have to wear during an event.

Yes, really.

Sources speaking anonymously told Bleacher Report that the proposed plan -- while not yet a done deal -- would be carried out by a major sports apparel company and would feature a full get-up that includes universal fight shorts, walkout shirts, and hats.

On the UFC-approved garments, spots would be available for a fighter's camp to go out and earn their own sponsorships, but the most visible logos would be from UFC and the chosen brand producer.

White has promised in the past to rectify the mixed martial arts (MMA) sponsorship problem, highlighted in recent events by instances of Cody McKenzie and Mac Danzig's infamous plain white shorts that were worn at UFC on FOX 9.