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Yes and no.

She certainly screwed herself by juicing. But you're overlooking the history of the situation.

Rousey started at 145 in women's MMA, and yapped about getting a shot at Cyborg when Cris was on top and Ronda was a relative nobody. Conveniently, before that fight could materialize, Rousey dropped down to 135 to get an unearned title shot against Tate [remember, this was Coker--he gave Rogers a title shot against AO after Brett had been KTFO'd in his previous fight, and it was after zuffa purchased it--I can't imagine any pressure was being put on him to come up with a big star--and then suddenly she was Queen of the May. She spends a year and a half talking shit about Cyborg, and suddenly Cyborg should come and face her.

Cris just made the situation worse by juicing and getting caught. Her stock plummeted.

zuffa could bolster a 145 division that wouldn't be any shallower than bantamweight...but Cris is damaged goods, they don't want to waste the push on her that they give Ronda.

But it still doesn't make her any less talented.

And she'd KILL Rousey.

Yes, I know how Rousey dropped down to 135 and how she got the shot. Really, I don't see how that falls on White's neck. Whether or not Cris would take the fight at 135 came down to Cyborg. 135 is Rousey's natural weight class as at 145 she was carrying alot of pudge. It would be just as disadvantageous for her to go up to 145. Honestly, I don't see Rousey as having wanted to fight Cyborg whatsoever, rather she was attempting to garner media attention and celebrity. I can't see how she was not goaded into doing so by higher-ups or management. When Rousey transitioned to the UFC, Cyborg was made the offer of the fight right before she got popped and she turned it down. This was when the articles came out that her manager stated that Cyborg would die if she dropped to 135. Cyborg could have snatched that opportunity. The thing about opportunities is that they are often fleeting.

Besides, Rousey lost the weight to compete at 135 and now is no longer a 145 fighter. It would be like Penn jumping up to WW at this point. Cyborg turned down the fight at 135. Nothing stopped her from conditionally accepting upon weight cutting attempts, or even attempting to shed muscle (there are ways). It's up to Cyborg, but one thing is clear is that 145 is not where Rousey will go. If Cris wants the fight, she has to go to Ronda's realm.

Also, The UFC could make a 145 division, but having a 115 division makes more sense if they are going to roll out a division at a time.