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Thread: Georges St-Pierre would return to UFC if things change

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    Default Georges St-Pierre would return to UFC if things change

    Georges St-Pierre would return to UFC if things change
    According to the Canadian in an interview to Brazilian website Combate, heís not happy with the way things are handled in MMA today.

    "Iím not sure," GSP said when asked if he will return to the UFC one day. "I see whatís going on in MMA and I like the fact that I donít have to think about it. I just want to step aside and watch them fight, see whatís going to happen and a bunch other things I canít say right now (laughs). Maybe, one day, if the things happen like I think they should happen, Iíll return. I donít know how long it may take, but Iím waiting."

    St-Pierre vacated his title to leave the fighting business, and he doesnít seem worried about being a world champion anymore. In fact, he would rather return in a non-title fight if the challenge is more interesting.

    "I got to a point in my career that, even though I loved the belt, I wasnít fighting for it anymore," he said. "It had more to do with my opponent and the challenge. I rather fight a better fighter with no title on the line than fighting a regular fighter in a title fight. The fight itself is what interests me the most."

    Anderson Silva superfight in the horizon?

    "Thereís always a possibility," GSP said. "Some fighters want to fight me because of my name, others for the money. I would fight Anderson Silva. I would even fight Brock Lesnar if itís a fair fight for both. Iím not afraid of anyone, but Iím not stupid (laughs). Many people think that a fight shows whoís the toughest, but thatís not my case. I see things in a professional and intelligent way."

    GSP decided to leave the sport citing personal issues, and heís not willing to discuss it yet.

    "I donít know, letís see in the future," he said with a laugh.

    "I read once that people thought I was on rehab. Some rumors are funny, they make me laugh. The reason why I took this break is because of my mental health. Few people know how is to stay at the top for so long. The pressure is not the same of a regular fight. Every fight is a world championship fight, and it comes with a bunch of promotional stuff. I was never obligated to do it, I did it because I wanted to. And I would do it again if I had to.

    "You, journalists, know how to read between the lines. I donít need to say. Some of you are smart, others arenít (laughs). You can write whatever you want about it, I donít care. Everything I say drops like a bomb, and the last thing I want to do it hurt the UFC and MMA. I always fought for the sport and I wouldnít hurt it.

    "I just wanted some things to change," he continued. "The way things are, Iíve been receiving messages, some secret, from people that are afraid to publicly say what they think and congratulating me for doing what I do for the fighters and the sport, encouraging me to continue."

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    Come Georges, if you're going to mention "things going on MMA" just say what the hell you're talking about. Must be the PEDs and smurf farts.

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    Maybe a fighters type union?
    You have to know what you don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SickNasty View Post
    Maybe a fighters type union?
    Maybe a new president who isn't losing his goddamn mind.

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    I bet he doesn't want to fight for dana anymore.

    All manner of men came to work for the News: everything from wild young Turks who wanted to rip the world in half and start all over again -- to tired, beer-bellied old hacks who wanted nothing more than to live out their days in peace before a bunch of lunatics ripped the world in half.

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    As much as I'd like to see GSP come back I almost want him to decide he is done just so he can clear the air officially and say all the things he's been holding back on.

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    Even if he said he was done forever reporters would still propose all kinds of possible come backs super fights anything to make a story.

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