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I don't know what is going on lately, but I certainly don't like it. The way Dana has treated GSP, the introduction of the Fight Pass requiring me to pay $10 more dollars a month on top of buying PPVs if I want to watch preliminaries, uniforms for fighters, the possibility of the UFC letting Melendez go, the shameless and endless promotion of Rousey, etc, etc.

For me, the UFC is now at a very important crossroad, where this very public display of greed may well start to turn fans away. If they continue in this direction, it could give another promotion the opportunity to really move forward, and hopefully be as big as the UFC. I used to think that Dana was good for the UFC, but now I am not so sure. He is annoying the fuck out of me lately.

Curious to hear everyone else's thoughts........
Im in the same boat. I can get the shameless promoting of Rousey. I can. I can get not wanting to pay somebody what you dont think they're worth. It makes sense to me. I feel like the sponsorship killing and Dana's all around "dont cross me or I'll fuck everybody you know" attitude are the biggest problems that I have. Its bad business in my opinion.

I feel like Dana has been conducting business very poorly lately and he may have ran his course; might be time to just take a stockholder position and not a front-man position.