I love MMA.
And the best MMA right now can be found (by and large) in the UFC. I like watching Bellator, MFC, WSOF, etc. But the UFC is king. That being said... I hate the obvious cash grab of Fight Pass. I LIKE watching prelims. Now, I can't. Not without shelling out MORE money. That is annoying.
How the hell is Ronda Rousey so esteemed? Seriously? She's a good fighter... no doubt. But I read yesterdays article about how "her striking is the best in MMA" and didn't know if I should laugh... or cry? Rousey will not be champ for long. But never have I seen the UFC SOOO blatantly WANT a person to remain champion... it's unreal. And sadly... it's because the promotion of women's mma... like women's EVERYTHING... is heavily tied to the appearance and relative attractiveness of women. Put simply... Ronda is fairly attractive in a sport that is not overly full of attractive females... so she gets held up as "the best". It's sad really. Because she is a great fighter WITHOUT all the hype/crap.
Dana slamming GSP/AO/other current fighters (Ben Henderson/Rory Mac/etc) is just annoying.
His ongoing hatred of Tito is annoying.
His refusal to sign Ben Askren but his willingness to promote a 4 and 0 Pat Cummins in the co-main event is RIDICULOUS!
And annoying.

I could go on and on and on...

His irrational crusade against internet piracy (Prosecute servers who provide the streams... but fans who watch? that's just lame!)
His either INSANELY NAIVE stance on PEDs (Seriously Dana... if you don't know that the VAST majority of fighters are on something than you have your head crammed up your ass)
Etc. Etc. Etc!!!!

So Yes... the UFC is annoying.

And they are right on the border line of being a Monopoly.


Stop gouging fans.
Start paying fighters more.
Stop letting politics and personal vendettas influence fights/signings.

Start behaving like a professional sport please.

If I wanted to watch pseudo drama crap I'd tune in to the WWE.

Just my two cents.