This was the first PPV in a long time I skipped and from the sounds of it I'm glad I did.

I just looked at the schedule of upcoming events on The next two are on fight pass so I wont be watching those. Hendricks vs Lawler I'll definitely be watching as well as Henderson vs Shogun but then its another fight pass followed by TUF nations finals.

In 2013 I missed only one event and that was because I was in Rome and couldn't find someplace showing it . This year I've already missed two free cards a PPV and will be missing 3 or 4 of the next 6 events.

I've ordered a lot of weak PPV cards just out of habit. Missing 4 or 5 events out of 7 including three in a row is likely to break me of that habit. Maybe having lots of weak cards, fight pass, overhyping Ronda, calling every other person number one pound for pound and bashing your former champions is bringing in new fans and making money, I don't know. What I do know is it's driving me and a number of my friends away.