"Everybody wants to talk about the UFC, how we're bullies or whatever, they're the fucking bullies. And they have these contracts that you cannot get out of. Look at Eddie Alvarez."

Anyone mentioned the whole Randy Couture leaving the UFC to fight Fedor event that took place a little while back? I love the White revisionist history. Apparently, a UFC fighter can walk away and do what he wants without worry of the UFC trying to bind him to a contract.

I also love the comment around Gil NEVER fighting in the UFC again if he goes over to those bullies. Funny thing Josh Barnett is back in the UFC. Didn't he say the same thing about Tito...

The way Dana and the UFC have been trending, I'd love to see a few more fighters jump ship and actually get some competition in the industry. You couldn't beat the sport back in the day when Pride and the UFC were split for MMA dominance.