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Thread: NEW Pick'ems playoff format? Anybody interested?

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    Well I vote no. If this happens just count me out.
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    I like the idea, but agree that it should be separate from the regular pick'ems. I would definitely be in though
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    Well it seems a bit undecided here. Most people who are doing it every week are not in favour of it, and rightfully so. If you play all year, someone plays 2 events and somehow upsets you in this 'tournament' style, then it feels like you've wasted the year and could've just played a single event and won.

    So what I'm proposing is that this does NOT replace how the pick'ems are done now. Basically everything stays the same for the pick'ems as it is now. I will continue to keep it the same all year, and whoever wins that is the actual winner of the whole season.

    I'm thinking of this more as a side thing, completely separate from the yearly pick'ems which will crown the actual champ who has dominated all year.

    Your picks for those events will be used in both the 'season' (which crowns the actual champion for the year), and also in this separate event for this tournament. Basically if you don't care about the playoff thing, just ignore it, as it has no bearing on the yearly competition which will crown the actual champ.

    I'm hoping this encourages people to join in more, and maybe beef up the field a bit next year.

    So here's what I'll do. Anyone entering at least 1 pick throughout the year will be put into this tournament, which will probably start in like September or October or November or something. I'll figure out how many people when we get closer, and I'll figure out how many events per round, etc, and lay it out.

    So yea, if you dislike this idea, no need to worry, it will have no effect on the season rankings and the points you get in that. That will continue as normal, and nothing will change for that whatsoever.

    BUT if you're out there, and want to get in on this, make at least one pick throughout the year, and you can get into this tournament. However, once it starts, I need everyone involved to actually enter their picks for all events, to avoid someone getting an easy pass because an opponent no-shows. So yea, u guys out there who like it but aren't in the yearly pick'ems (RearNakedStroke, SwordofAres, The Return of the …, and hopefully Leu joins back in), get a pick in sometime and you're good to go.

    This just gives more people a chance to get involved with the pick'ems too, as maybe they don't want to do every event for the whole year, but might do them that only run a few months. And then maybe some of them will stick around next year and do the entire year to get a higher 'seed'. I might even start it off with people who haven't been doing them all year start in a round-robin type thing, where you gotta win to get in.

    Details will follow one day, once I figure it out and find out how many people are in for it (need to make 1 pick before the start). And again, it will in no way change the normal pick'ems, that will be run completely separate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Well I vote no. If this happens just count me out.
    Same here

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