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"She’s paving the way for women’s MMA, and I’ve made being a UFC Octagon Girl into a career. She should definitely recognize that and be nice."

You walk around the ring carrying a sign with numbers on it. You got breast implants and other plastic surgery. What is there to recognize? Additional pressure on women to meet unrealistic expectations of men, which your body didn't even provide in the first place? Dana White could go out an find 500,000 other American girls that could replace you, Rousey is the best at her job.
I think that Ronda should stop demeaning people for absolutely no reason. She has shown a lack of respect for certain individuals and clearly lacks the ability to be a role model in that aspect.

Although there is no reason to put down Arianny, I don't think there is a reason to specifically recognize her UFC octagon girl status as a talent or an accomplishment. That job is just exploiting her sexuality and should be something that young girls should not strive for. Then again, that's just my opinion, and I'm okay if people disagree with my view.