Jon Jones: I'm sick of seeing UFC light heavyweights fighting 'cans' until they get a title shot
Fresh off his win over Patrick Cummins at UFC 170, who is probably closer to a cup than a can based on his previous line of work, "DC" sent a message to Jones (via FOX Sports) politely asking for a crack at the crown. "Bones" responded -- just as politely -- by telling him to pound sand.

"First and foremost, since you're speaking more respectfully, I'll say congratulations on your victory and your weight loss. But as far as giving you a title shot, I have no interest in fighting you right now, only because of the fact that you really haven't fought anyone that I consider a top level fighter. I'm kind of sick of seeing UFC light heavyweights fight against kind of like 'cans' until they get a title shot. I really want to see a top contender fight a top contender and I think you need to fight someone a little bit more well-known than Patrick Cummins. Fight against Rashad [Evans], fight against somebody legit, man. Then I think it would be a little more appropriate to give you that title shot."