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What about Chael Sonnen? I'm not very brushed up on his suspension history, but doesn't he fit the bill?
I think the difference between Vitor and sonnen is that Vitor disputes his suspension. He had an accredited doctor come forward and indicate that the treatment given for his injury would have caused a hot response on the test--he had no idea Vitor would fight so soon after the injury, AMA.

On the other hand, sonnen admitted using TRT at abusive levels in the CSAC hearing after his test. He explained he had hypogonadism [according to a family practice doc, without any endocrinology specialty] and had started TUE. He lied and stated that he'd been licensed in Nevada under treatment, and that Kizer himself was down with it. He indicated he gave himself the injections for the treatment, but couldn't remember the dosage...when pressed, he gave an astronomically high amount.

Vitor's abuse is probable, but remains unproven. His "defense" is more plausible than most, for what that's worth. But there are questions as to whether he was abusing or not. You could interpret the data anyway you choose, but either way, you have to understand that it's all conjecture.

sonnen, on the other hand, isn't. He admitted it.