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Thread: Is anybody even giving Robbie a chance against Hendricks?

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    You know what's interesting, I can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I can admit that you can't accurately assess damage by looking at someone, anymore than you can tell if they're juicing by looking at their abs or some shit.

    But you're always welcome to your opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbader08 View Post
    Technically it isn't...
    And that's the point we are trying to make. No one is claiming that Hendricks didn't land significant strikes the point is cumulative damage to someone's face isn't a true indicator of the final result of a fight.

    Shields only started having success vs GSP after he severely and blatantly eye poked him...which lead to some pretty clean strikes being landed. Anybody who payed attention to that fight knows that. BJ busted him up too their first fight but...that's BJ...before GSP improved.
    Point was that Shields did damage to GSP's face despite the fact he's not exactly regarded as being a heavy hitter and that GSP is prone to showing more damage then others.

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