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Thread: EFC Africa Fighter Booto Guylain Dies from Injuries Suffered in February Bout

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    Default EFC Africa Fighter Booto Guylain Dies from Injuries Suffered in February Bout

    EFC Africa Fighter Booto Guylain Dies from Injuries Suffered in February Bout

    “Guylain suffered a serious head injury during his MMA bout at EFC AFRICA 27 last Thursday,” the statement read. “Immediately after the bout, he was stabilized by the on-site medical team and transported to hospital, where he was treated for swelling and bleeding on the brain.”

    Guylain was 29 years old, and he is survived by a wife and son.

    “We are devastated,” EFC AFRICA President Cairo Howarth stated. “This is a huge loss to the sport and to all who know him. Our thoughts are with his family in this trying time.”

    Prior to his death, Guylain was treated at Johannesburg General Hospital for swelling and bleeding on the brain. According to the announcement, Guylain’s family will be given some financial support via medical insurance provider ONEPLAN, EFC AFRICA’s disability partner since October 2013.

    “We fully support MMA and the athletes, and are happy to be assisting Booto and his family through this,” ONEPLAN managing director Michael Otten stated. “Our thoughts are with him and his family.”

    South Africa’s LW Mag previously documented the action in Guylain’s bout with Keron Davies, describing the contest as “an all out battle.”

    This fight almost went the full distance and was an all out battle. Davies fought well and landed big hits rocking Guylain. Guylain defended well and landed his fare share of strikes as well. In round 3 Davies got the takedown, got himself into full mount and landed heavy elbow Ground and Pound. Ref called the fight with Davies taking the win by TKO.
    African outlet Pretty Tuff reported that “many in the crowd felt (the fight) was stopped too late,” and that an anonymous source indicated “the long process involved in admitting a patient into a busy government facility in South Africa” may have contributed to Guylain’s passing.

    Guylain’s previous EFC Africa bout was contested in November, and he also lost via TKO.
    My condolences.

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    This definitely sucks. Very sad to die in that way.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Sounds like the ref and the medical facilities fault. RIP so sad for him and his family.

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    Horrible. I couldn't imagine if that happened to someone in the UFC. It'd ruin everything.


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