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Thread: Duffee not done in UFC despite neurological disorder that impairs motor skills

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    Default Duffee not done in UFC despite neurological disorder that impairs motor skills
    The 8-2 American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) product was diagnosed with Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (PTS) -- also known as idiopathic brachial plexopathy or neuralgic amyotrophy -- a little over four months ago and according to a report from UFC Tonight, the heavyweight slugger isn't throwing in the towel on his mixed martial arts (MMA) career just yet.

    The condition, which disrupts the motor skills of those who are impaired, can take as long as two years to fully recover from.

    This is not discouraging Duffee, however, who tells Ariel Helwani that while he is taking his recovery slow, he hopes to potentially make a return to the Octagon this fall.

    "I am doing my own rehab, sadly. So, there is no telling. I am trying to be smart. I have successfully grappled and sparred. I am nowhere near where I need to be. I will hopefully know more in two months. If things progress, I will ask for a fight with a four-month camp, looking at a September or October time frame."

    This is already a tad bit sooner than Duffee originally said last November (details here).

    An interesting aspect to this story is the fact that Duffee is taking care of his rehabilitation on his own, possibly implying that needed medical procedures that could improve his recovery are not at his fingertips.

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    He's still young and should take his time. No point in forcing an early return if u can't be at 100%.

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    duffe has to be low on money, his last fight was a long time ago. Not seeking professional rehab is a bad sign.
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    Why wouldn't the UFC be helping out with this? His last fight he won by ko over phillip de fries at ufc 155. He is still on the UFC roster. Wouldn't this be covered by their health insurance???

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    It's not a good look when UFC fighters have to "rehab" themselves. I bet Dana would get all flustered and rant non-sense if asked about this situation....
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