i would have been cool with the Goose rematch right after the 1st fight even though a close fight =/= rematch.

What im not cool with is Goose fighting a softly ranked #11 as the #1 contender. DC being in the top 5 of the division with a win over Pat Cummings. People even putting DC's name in the title picture based off Pat Cummings win - sorrry HW record is meaningless at LHW.

Matt @FantasyMoneyMan
Yeah i know, that was a fill in fighter..i get it. We just wanna see him vs a real UFC top 205er. Top 5 guy..you'll get it done

Dana White @danawhite
u will see him against the winner of Jones/Glover vs Gus
sigh...its like i called them fast tracking DC to a title shot after a pat cummings win WEEKS ago.