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Got it,thanks for clearing that up for me. IMO it stills seems like Cyborg had a chance to go after Rousey in the UFC and blew it. I would blame SF for letting the first time slip by. In the end fighters dont make the match ups the organizations do so if they really wanted this fight to happen, it will. Agreeing to fight Gina at 145 is silly and allowing it to happen when a 145lb division doesnt exist is even sillier. I blame the UFC though not really Rousey if it happens
I should have expanded a little further in my previous post, but when Cyborg said she's not coming to 135, I wasn't going to point fingers at Rousey or the UFC as the challenger should come down to the weight of the champion. However, when you start making exceptions for Gina (who has been non-existent in the women's MMA scene for 5 years) and not Cyborg (who many people still consider to be the best women's MMA fighter on the planet, including myself), then it's starts to reek of bullshit.