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Awesome fight. I really liked the diversity in the combos that Hendricks was throwing and Robbie looked quite awesome tonight. This is the fight Robbie showed that he deserved to be in there as he nearly took the belt.

One of the other things I took away from this fight is that when GSP fought Hendricks, GSP won the contest (in terms of rounds, at least on the judges scorecards) but lost the fight (if you were looking at it as a whole). In this fight, Hendricks won the contest but Robbie won the fight in my eyes.

Johny, should Robbie ask everyone "look at both our faces and decide who won the fight"

Nonetheless, I enjoyed every moment of this fight... well except the last minute but he had to do what he had to do; the stakes were too high.

That judge was an idiot. I don't know what he was watching. If you judge the 2nd round a 10-8 then the 3rd round should've been a 10-7. Mind you, none of them deserved anything more than a 10-9.
Is he an idiot? I'm really starting to think they're there for the fix