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I could see that.

Doesn't make it suck any less, but I could see it.

It sucks because it's the only knock GSP ever had regarding "ducking" an opponent as he chose to fight Diaz instead of the more deserving Hendricks at that time. Yet, I strongly feel that this was Zuffa's decision. In the end, he somewhat made for it after the Diaz fight (during the post-fight press conference) by saying Hendricks is the rightful #1 contender now and he wants to fight him next. GSP has always fought who the UFC has put in front of him and hasn't complained one bit. I can't say that about many of the other champions or former champions.

It also sucks because when guys like Aldo speak up about fighters like Lamas deserving it more than Pettis, he gets shitted on by the UFC brass, making Aldo look like he's scared.