Johny Hendricks: I'd like to fight Georges St-Pierre again

Johny Hendricks is the new UFC welterweight champion. He claimed that title on Saturday night when he defeated Robbie Lawler in the main event of UFC 171.

It was the second consecutive title fight for Hendricks. He lost the first one via split decision. That fight took place in November 2013, and the victor was long-time champion Georges St-Pierre. Shortly after defeating Hendricks, St-Pierre relinquished his title. St-Pierre has spent the time since then in semi-retirement. Hendricks and Lawler were competing for that vacated title.

At the post-fight press conference, Hendricks (16-2), with the title belt sitting in front of him, was asked if he felt the need to defeat St-Pierre in the future. Hendricks replied:

"No, but I'd like to. I'd like to fight Georges again. I think it would be fun. We had a good match."
Hendricks went into more detail regarding why he would like to face St-Pierre, saying:

"I think I'm better. There's better situations. I'm going to get stronger. (This) was only my second fight for five rounds. I'm only learning. (It's only been) six and a half years. Look at all the guys I'm fighting, they all have eight, nine, twelve years, so I have a lot to learn still."
Hendricks may not feel the need to face St-Pierre a second time, but if history has told us anything about mixed martial arts, he can expect to hear whispers about how he isn't the "true" UFC welterweight champion until he defeats St-Pierre, the man that did not lose the title in defeat.

Sometimes this sport can be cruel, especially to fighters at the highest levels.

Nick Diaz ready to return to lay an 'a-- whooping' on new UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks

[QUOTE]It's been a full year since Nick Diaz announced that he was retiring from the sport of mixed martial arts. That announcement came after Diaz had lost two consecutive fights for the first time since he dropped three straight in 2005-06. On Saturday night we found out that the former Strikeforce welterweight champion's retirement may be coming to an end.

Diaz was in Texas for UFC 171 and held an informal media scrum on Saturday. One of the first topics the 30-year-old fighter answered was if he was ready to return to fighting. Diaz answered to the affirmative:

"I'm ready to go, I'm ready to fight. It's a good time, seasonally. I'm kind of seasonal. Right now, this summer, this whole year, a fresh start, I'm ready to fight. I think I can win."
Diaz added that he has not been sitting idle during the 12 months he's been retired:

"I've had pretty good training this year, regardless no fights, no camps," Diaz said. "I've jumped in and out of other camps. I put a couple days in on Jake's camp. Not too much, I had to travel a lot."
In typical fashion, the announcement that he was ready to return had not been discussed with his boss, UFC president Dana White:

"No, I haven't (talked to White)," said Diaz. "I don't know how Dana feels about any of this."
White was informed of Diaz's comments during UFC 171's post-fight press conference. As the topic was discussed a smile crept across White's face, and he said:

"That's a little backwards isn't it?" He than added, "That's my boy," before the questions moved back to the fighters that competed on Saturday's fight card.
Diaz was a busy man on Saturday night, after the main event he spoke to and went into a little more detail about why he was in Dallas:

"Maybe they want me to fight Johny Hendricks,"
Diaz said before addressing the main event bout between Hendricks and Lawler. Hendricks won the fight, and the UFC welterweight title by decision, a decision that Diaz did not seem to agree with:

"Take an ass whooping right to your face, bro, worse than tonight. You got your ass whooped, all four rounds," Diaz commented about Hendricks.
As for returning for a non-title fight, Diaz did not seem interested in that prospect in the least, saying:

"I need a title fight, a real fight. Let the fans see what they want to see. I want to fight for the title."