I used to be a fan of Rogan's commentary before, primarily for the raw excitement that he displays in his commentary, but honestly his favoritism (or criticism) towards certain fighters is getting ridiculous. Yesterday was a prime example. He was hanging off of Johny Hendricks' nuts pretty badly. He made it look like Johny was killing Lawler in the first 2 rounds where the rounds were much closer than the commentary suggested. Also, in rounds 3 and 4, even though he was stating that Lawler was connecting, he still gave too much credit to some of Hendricks' weak counters.

Another example [from yesterday], is his over-criticism of Lombard. I, as well as many fans and the media, thought Lombard did a good job in his fight against Shields. Sure, he did take his foot off the gas in the last round but make no mistake, he clearly dominated a very game and dangerous opponent and was never in any trouble until the last 10 seconds of the fight.

I think his worst nuthuggery in recent memory was for Ben Henderson against Josh Thomson. You would've thought that Bendo was whooping Josh's ass in the fight but majority of the people (except the judges) thought that Josh won that fight.