Man, I really thought we would know the #1 contender after the PPV but I guess not. There's an asterisk next to each person's name:

[1] Woodley - He just beat the #2 guy in the division but unfortunately it was a takedown that hurt Condit and not a strike, a submission or a slam. A takedown, although offensive is not meant to do any damage so it will be considered a freak injury (much like Coleman's victory over Shogun). This takes away from Woodley's win, which is quite unfortunate because he was doing well with his power and speed.

[2] Lombard - I thought Lombard did well. He blitzed Shields in the first round and although took his foot off the gas, still dominated Shields, who is extremely hard to dominate much less win against. I really thought what hurt Lombard is the commentary. Imagine if Rogan was on his nuts saying "think about it folks, he is dominating Jake Shields in every aspect of the game which is hard to do, and looks like a contender for the belt" but instead we heard nearly 10 minutes of criticism. This hurts the marketability of the fight.

[3] Rory - He has the skills obviously and I do think he's a future title contender. He's also very marketable with his awkward personality and being GSP's protege. However, he is on a one fight winning streak where he was dominated in the first round of the Maia fight and previous to that, lost to Robbie and won a lackluster fight against Ellenberger. Rory really would need another win under his belt to get a title shot in my eyes.

[4] Diaz - Please no. He does not deserve it at all. I don't know how anyone can make a case for him. He hasn't won a fight since October 2011 and lost two shots at the title after, where in the latter shot against GSP, he did nothing!

[5] Kim - He's on a 4-fight win streak against some decent competition but no one is in the top 10, so no. The guys above have all beaten top 10 competition. Kim hasn't even beaten top 15. They deserve it more regardless of the streak.

[6] Saffiedine - He's on a 5-fight win streak. If he beats Ellenberger, his name is in the mix but his marketability will hurt him.

So pretty much, the answer is that I still don't know. It has to go to one of the first 3 in my eyes and I wouldn't be surprised if the UFC announced any of the 3. The other option is that they make a #1 contender fight with 2 of the 3 and the winner faces Johny. This may not be a surprise given Hendricks injured his elbow and may be out until Sep/Oct.