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    So, every time I dead lift, I get super fucking light headed and nauseous. What's the deal? I know my form is proper and I'm not even doing heavy weight. Anyone got any ideas as to have that not happen, or am I just being a sissy?
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    Depends, it can be a number of things... It might not be heavy weight but it could be heavy for you. Also, do you take a pre-workout? The pre-workout, if you are not used to the amount of caffeine , can make you feel light headed and nauseous as well. Could also be if you hadn't eaten in a while before you workout, it puts more stress on your body when your heart rate gets higher. Try eating more carbs and make sure your breathing is good as well. Don't want to hold your breathe at any point and also do not want to breathe too much.

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    not enough info - do you do it fasted? coffee? pre-work out like braddahmatt said..."whiplash" of sorts?

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