In addition, the former 205-pound champion claims the only reason he ended up inside the Octagon was because UFC inherited his WFA contract.

"I never wanted to be in the UFC hall of fame. I don't give a fuck about UFC or their name. I never even wanted to go to the UFC! Dana White bought my contract from another organization, from the WFA. What the fuck does being in the UFC hall of fame gonna do for me and my kids' college tuition? Do you get a pension for being in the UFC hall of fame? If it gives me money for being in it every year, okay then, I want to be in it. My fans are gonna remember me as a fighter who always came to fight, always brought it. I don't do this for the recognition, to be in some hall of fame. I don't fight to be famous, I fight to pay my bills."

A fired-up Quinton Jackson (via Fight Hub) lets his mixed martial arts (MMA) fans know what he really thinks about Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and its hall of fame, which I think is safe to say will not include "Rampage" anytime soon.