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Gustaffson isn't even the biggest fighter Jones has faced, Bader is.
People are talking reach & length, not physically built.

Bader's reach is 74"
Goose's reach is 79"
Jones' reach is 84.5"
*According to Wiki.

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What i dont get is that people are so quick to write off Jones success because of size advantage and reach - yet Goose (who has virtually the same size and reach advantage over the LHW division minus Jones) isnt subject to the same criticism? Makes sense i guess?
5.5 inches does not equal virtually the same size and reach advantage.

Goose has a reach advantage over most guys at LHW. Jones has a freakish reach advantage over ALL guys at LHW. Does Goose's reach give him an advantage, sure. Does Jones have an advantage over the entire LHW div? Hell yes.

Jones is a great athlete, dont get me wrong, but to discount the massive reach advantage is wrong.