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Thread: UFC broadcaster Jon Anik: Lyoto Machida still wants Jon Jones rematch

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    Who is this grendel dude? He looks like Spawn, Deathpool and Venom and has down syndrome child together.
    "If a man with no arms and a man with no legs started learning karate, the same light bulb would appear over every head in Japan. That’s right: Glue them together and see if it can kill a panda."

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    On a side note, this is a thing...

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe1 View Post
    Actually, they had a crossover back in 1993 where Grendel went to Gotham to challenge Batman. Batman broke Grendel's arm and sent him back to NY crying like a little bitch. You sir, just got out nerded.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rise View Post
    Batman also defeated him again in a 1996 publishing as well though Batman had his arm broken this time he still won
    kids today.

    You need to go back and actually read the series. In the first random occurrence, Grendel Prime wins.

    Batman needs to go back, study and bring resources into the situation. And still needs assistance to send GP "crying" anywhere.

    Hunter Rose Uber Alles.

    Quote Originally Posted by kalebarker View Post
    Who is this grendel dude? He looks like Spawn, Deathpool and Venom and has down syndrome child together.
    Grendel pre-dates both Spawn and Deadpool by about 10 years.

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