Upon Anderson Silva’s return, nobody is safe; not even his own countrymen. Not long ago the former pound for pound champion said he would rather give up his championship belt, then fight someone like Llyoto Machida or Ronaldo Souza. Gone are the days the former UFC champion was defied by honor and dignity towards his own Brazilians. Now the mindset has changed to, “If you are going to mention my name as a potential fight, I have no other choice.” The hit list is growing for ‘The Spider’, and upon his return in 2015, many get the feeling there will be a ‘no holds barred’ approach making his return to the octagon. Why wait until 2015 you may ask? Just days before Anderson Silva stated he would not be able to make a UFC return by the end of this year, which is somewhat disappointing by the progress he has made since the brutal injury; but rest assured, there is a plan in place for the former champion to grace the cage with his presence in the future.
Interesting since just not long ago he wasn't willing to fight either, Anderson has been changing his mind a lot!