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Thread: Chris Weidman Out of UFC 173 Due to Injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    There is going to be many weak cards this year with only 4 active champs.

    More champs are either out hurt, hurt & coaching TUF or off making movies than are available to fight before the end of the year....
    Yep thats where having 50 cards a year hurts you. I feel like the weak card problem has gotten worse than it was before the WEC and strikeforce merger which is absurd considering 4 new weight classes and a whole bunch of elite fighters joined the organization as a result. The UFC made this problem themselves by over booking the amount of events.

    Quote Originally Posted by scallas View Post
    I wonder if Weidman really even got hurt. UFC wanted this as the big 4th of July main event from the get go, but Weidman talked them into May so he could enjoy the holiday. With Hendricks now out until at least fall, not sure what other championship fight could have drawn enough interest to make this event a blockbuster.

    Or Weidman could have just gotten hurt.
    I'm the biggest Weidman mark on here so I'd say he'd never do that but you never know with the shady shit that goes on these days.

    However, if they wanted him on the 4th of July card they would've moved the fight beforehand and probably wouldn't scratch have scratched Vitor because he should be off the juice by then.

    Also, this absolutely destroys the memorial day weekend card which is one of the top 5 biggest cards of the year.
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