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Thread: Ross Pearson vs. Diego Sanchez added to UFC Fight Night 43 in Albuquerque

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    I'll miss the bloody Sanchez fights.

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    I cant see this fight ending well for Sanchez. Pearson, though his reach seems short, has crisp boxing and hits really hard. Diego, to my mind has only 2 skills, weight cutting and aggression. those 2 things alone dont cut it anymore.

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    Sanchez is on that list of "one of the guys I'll hate to see ten years from now" because he's just taken so much damage.

    Everything since the Kampmann bout has been just Diego roaring forward and eating an extreme amount of output. Then you factor those bouts PLUS the BJ massacre and really brutal, challenging fights with Karo, Diaz and Guida and consider that he's been professionally fighting since 21 and has 12 years....that's a lot of punishment to aborb and his style is only going to get him hit more.

    IDK, if they measured most absorbed shots to the head throughout UFC careers, I just wonder where Diego would stand. He's fought a lot of guys and it's more than a tad alarming....

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