So I've been noticing some inconsistencies in the UFC numbering system for their Fight Night, TUF finale, and Fight Pass events.

The Saffiedine vs. Lim and Gustafsson vs. Manuwa cards were referred to as Fight Night 34 and 37 in sequence with other Fight Night events on this forum and tapology which are the main 2 I use. Where I 1st noticed an inconsistency was when they (MMAjunkie & MMAfighting among others) gave the TUF: Brazil 3 finale the designation of FN 42 when announcing additional bouts to the Chael/Wand main event but they had already announced the Albuquerque and San Antonio cards and the news outlets had dubbed them Fight Night 42 and 43 but now have them as 43 and 44. But TUF: Nations is still referred to outside of the numbering system.

My suggestion is to be slightly retroactive to maintain continuity and number any event that airs on television in North America with the existing Fight Night order but those events that air entirely on Fight Pass as FP 1 etc. The only changes would be FN 34 and 37 would now be FP 1 & 3 (because TUF:China would take FP 2, Fight Nights 35 & 36 would have to back up to 34 & 35, 38 & 39 would become 36 & 37, and TUF:Nations finale would be FN 38 and then all the events from May on would be 1 less than we're currently calling them. It's a little confusing but would be consistent and save us from having to refer to events by date, main event, or host city (which would be confusing when going to a city more than once.