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I will first off state that I in no way know how BJJ tourny's are scored but in my uneducated opinion if that were a point match bravo would have won hands down. however it was sub only so it goes down as a draw. does anyone with more knowledge of scoring in grappling have an opinion on who would have won if that match were scored? just curious.
It is 2 points for a takedown (guard pulls don't count), 2 points for a sweep (it has to be from some kind of guard, for example, bumping them over from bottom side control or mount doesn't count), 3 points for a guard pass (going from a guard to a secure side control, mount, or north south), 2 points for knee on the belly, 4 points for mount, and 4 points for back mount. Some weird tournaments also award 2 points for strong submission attempts.

It this match had points, then Bravo would have clearly won. He had a ton of sweeps and passed the guard a few times, while Royler may have had one or two sweeps. All that said, both men knew the rules and it was clearly a draw under them. Though, it is very stupid of Royce to say Royler dominated Bravo.