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He's earned the extra scrutiny and microscope for his past behaviour....and he's failed again.

When the dude has been CUT from the UFC for excessively holding submissions in numerous fights and has been officially suspended and reprimanded for holding submissions in the past, he should acknowledge that he has learned from his past mistakes and release once the blatant tap occurred. Palhares is a scumbag who hasn't learned from his previous disciplines and tonight showed me no different, he's going to cripple somebody one of these times.

Sure, it was of a lesser-degree than some of his more violent holds, but once a guy taps, and a visible tap like that one, you let go, the end result of him holding on a fraction too long is still devastating to his opponent, and the GIF shows, Yves has to break the sub.
I lost all respect for WSOF after they signed him.