"I wanted to do a MMA fight with Oleg Raevski in Kiev. Ukrainian people are now going through a very tough time so I thought that watching me fight once again would bring them at least a little bit of joy.
I spoke about that with Mickhail Berezovsky (Fedor's manager. For those who are not aware, Fedor and Vadim parted ways earlier this year) and he was OK with the idea.
I spoke about that with Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) but he told me that it was not the right moment to do so.
However he offered me to fight in Crimea later this year.
I am still retired, this is just an exception I am making to help Ukrainian people. I was born there, after all.
Thank God I am in very good condition, I continue training and I feel in very good shape. If it is God's will, all this horrible situation will end very soon"

When asked if he will consider to come out of retirement, Fedor said:

"It will be God's will"