UFC President Dana White spoke with Yahoo Sport’s Kevin Iole regarding his reasons behind cutting welterweight competitor Jake Shields.

Many MMA fans and pundits alike were in uproar on Monday morning with the announcement that long-time welterweight competitor Jake Shields had been released from the UFC.

The decision was met with some expected backlash from the MMA community, as Shields had gone 4-3-1 during his time with the promotion and was coming off a loss to top competitor Hector Lombard.

To shed some light on the decision, Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports spoke with UFC President Dana White, who revealed that money was certainly a factor that led to his release.

"We look at everything," White said. "Everything. Money has something to do with it. I'd be lying if I said it didn't. But that wasn't the only reason or the main reason. It was a part of the piece of the puzzle as we were doing our evaluation of him."
White also mentioned that age was another factor in the decision, as Shields is 35 years olds and facing a ‘young man's game.' Dana also believes that the former Strikeforce middleweight champion is now ‘just another guy.'

"Mixed Martial Arts is a young man's game. I like Jake Shields a lot. But let's be honest here: Where was he going in this [welterweight] division of animals we have? He's on the downswing, and he's never going to be the guy. His stand-up never improved. He hasn't really shown anything in his last couple of fights to make you go, 'Holy [expletive].'

Right now, at this point, he's just another guy. "
How is Jake Shields on the downswing? Because he lost to one elite fighter? He just beat two guys who are/were near contenders in both Woodley and Maia. They are both top 10s.

Also, if Shields is on the downswing, then what about Maia, who lost his last 2? I don't think Maia is even on a downswing and I absolutely love the guy, but one could make the argument, he's on more of a downswing than Shields. Forget Maia, what about Marquardt who is clearly on the downswing. He lost his last 3 and was brutally KOed in his last 2.

If it is money, how come he wasn't even given a chance to re-negotiate much like Brandon Vera was?

Let's not bullshit ourselves, he was cut because his style wasn't appealing to the fans.