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Thread: jake shields cut from UFC

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    Bubba McDaniel always puzzled me.
    Guy SEEMED to have legit skills, a great camp, and a decent amount of experience... but watching him talk, it always felt like he sort of wasn't all there mentally. Like he had a lot of doubts or something. I don't know. Just an observation.

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    Default the whole camp is delirious

    I feel like the sport, they're trying to pull it away from being the best in the sport, and just putting it into, oh, you gotta go and slug it out and fight the way they want you to, which is kind of ridiculous.
    How does a camp with Shields and the Diaz brothers coincide? Because the bros are always bitching about fighters who take them down (even though they're jits masters) and don't stand in front of them and bang.

    Unfortunately for boring fighters who have little draw strength, they aren't going to have tenure in the UFC. It seems pretty simple, if a card cannot sell tickets/PPVs then money is lost. If you want to garner main card attractions and a bigger pay day, work to be a solid, exciting, and profitable fighter. It just can't work any other way if everyone from the CEO down to the prelim fighters wants to earn a pay check.

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