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Thread: Nate Diaz Complains & Dana White Responds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler Dirten View Post
    The UFC doesn't pay fighters enough money.

    No IFS, ANDS, or BUTS.

    The company EASILY turns a MULTI million dollar profit every year.
    In fact, from the outside looking in... I would estimate that the UFC's actual net yearly profits at this point are in the HUNDREDS of millions of dollars.

    So guys making 60 grand to show and 60 grand to win is just ridiculous.

    I HATE the capitalist, corporate culture that preaches shit like "at least they have a job!" and "that's more than I make so Nate should stop complaining" and "Nate signed the contract so he should shut up!"

    The reality is, Dana White and Co. work HARD... promoting fights between fighters who work HARD.

    Without the UFC, the sport of MMA would not be as popular, nor as profitable, and these guys would not have such a glamorous place to showcase their skills... BUT!!!!!....

    Without the FIGHTERS, the UFC would have NOTHING. You can't promote fights if you don't have fighters.

    Profits should be split a LOT more equitably.
    ESPECIALLY since it seems these guys and girls have ZERO job security!

    So when you ARE well known, and can draw people to pay for shows... you should be PAID.

    A LOT more than 60 to show and 60 to win... when the pay per view ALONE... at $50 bucks a pop and 250,000 buys (a CONSERVATIVE set of figures!) nets the UFC AT LEAST $12.5 MILLION.... per month.
    (That's using conservative figures and factoring in only ONE revenue stream when, in reality, the UFC has MANY, MANY sources of income... from TV, to licensing, to accessories, sponsorships, etc!)

    The UFC doesn't pay their fighters NEARLY enough.
    Fighters make WAY more money than I do... or than YOU do probably... but when you look at the numbers, the UFC is NOT equitably sharing their profits with the athletes who are the heart and soul of their company.
    On the contrary... it seems they are INCREASINGLY viewing fighters as DISPOSABLE as the list of competitors continues to grow, while the options for fighters continue to shrink.

    Just my two cents.
    With no actual evidence of what profit the UFC makes each year I don't think you can even mention it. All we (fans/outsiders) see is the buy rates and fighter salaries and think the UFC is making money hand over fist.

    We have no idea on the actual corporate costs, leases on office buildings (which they seem to be putting all over the world inorder to grow the sport) employees to work in those building, travel costs for promotion, insurance costs on every single fighter, not to mention the costs of actually producing an event.

    Ive heard that the ppv distributor takes 50% right off the top (I could very well be wrong though), the cost to rent out the venue, tv production staff, setup/teardown staff, etc.

    If you assume the UFC has maybe, 1000 employees worlwide, each making $40,000 on average (general admins probably less and tv production/setup crews significantly more) you're looking at $40,000,000 for staff alone each year. And that doesn't include fighter salaries.

    I'd love to see fighters paid more, but until we know EXACTLY what kind of profits the UFC sees people should really stop assuming DW and the Fertitas are milking the fighters and bleeding them dry.
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