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Not bad money in your opinion? Your not a world class fighter, Nate Diaz is, so there's a slight difference there. He's won TUF, fought for the title, and is constantly beating top 10 fighters, and finishing a good amount of them. Your just some regular person that will probably never see 120k in a year, so of course you think that is some great amount of money to make in one night (not to mention he has to WIN or he gets half of that), but Nate Diaz and many other fighters have bigger dreams than you and have been working towards them for a long time.
Well to be fair, it wasnt bad money to Nate when he signed on the dotted line right? Otherwise he shouldnt have signed the contract.

My opinion is that Nate truly believed he would win the belt and that would have allowed him to make more money or renegotiate his contract. Which may be why he's now complaining about the money he is making.