While I really despise how the Diaz brothers carry themselves, there's big money fights with Nick in the UFC regardless of his record, kinda like a shoot-version of Sonnen's gimmick.

IMO, Lawler/Diaz II just has money written all over it, book that for a five rounder on FOX main event card and you'll probably get a FOTY. I also think they could build one helluva fight between Diaz and Rory with pre-fight smack talk to really build Rory up, but again, if Nick's only after titles, then they're quite limited.

I also think that while Nick has pretty shoddy TDD, his cardio could very well drain Hendricks, were they ever to be matched up.

I wouldn't want to do business with him, but there given the loss of GSP(and Condit at WW) and Anderson for the foreseeable future, as a business, Diaz "moves the needle". Matches against Lawler II, Lombard and Rory all seem like good main or co-mains and his style is exciting. I'd just avoid booking him and Woodley AT ALL COSTS.