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Thread: Nick Diaz still 'completely retired,' would rather 'work at WalMart' than fight for c

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Bisping made $425k for his last fight with something like a 250k show and a 125k bonus, against a non-top 10 Belcher. He's been getting that for a while now.

    Diaz, for all his faults is better than Bisping.

    I would say Nick is slightly better then Bisping at this point. Nick's greatest success as a fighter has come in Stikeforce where he was fighting a limited talent pool that featured a lot of fights where the style match up favoured him. Bisping is in the same range he succeeds when the match ups are heavily in his favour.

    Realistically Bisping is over paid though in comparison to others and should be getting less then he is and not that Diaz should be getting more.

    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    Riv, one win since his return to the UFC, and that over a swollen 155'er is why I say he's fading. Throw in his complete lack of development as a fighter, Id say he is well on the decline.
    I wouldn't use fading personally to describe Diaz.. think the difference is there are a lot more guys that can expose weaknesses in his abilities that fight in the UFC.
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    Dana White: 'Nate [Diaz] said he's ready to fight again'

    At the UFC 172 post-fight scrum, White was asked if he'd had a chance to talk to Nate and if there was anything new on that front.

    "I didn't, no," he said. "[But] I think Joe Silva did and Nate said he's ready to fight, so, he told Joe to call him."
    That's quite a change from where things stood just a couple of weeks ago for Diaz, who last appeared in the Octagon in November when he knocked out Gray Maynard in Las Vegas. After the UFC matched the Bellator contract that his teammate Gilbert Melendez signed for bigger money and incentives, Diaz grew dissatisfied with his existing deal. Before the Maynard fight, Diaz had lost back-to-back fights to Josh Thomson and Benson Henderson (in a title fight).
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    When I saw Nate at 172 (can't remember the guy who he was supporting), he looked pretty big. I was hoping he had been taking time to put on weight and was staying relevant until he made a WW return... Otherwise the guy looked like he has some serious weight to lose.

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