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Thread: Renan Barao admits that finishes will be less common as his title reign continues

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    Default Renan Barao admits that finishes will be less common as his title reign continues

    Renan Barao admits that finishes will be less common as his title reign continues
    enan Barao commented at a UFC media day in Sao Paolo Wednesday on the recent statement of Jose Aldo, who said that his training partner will finish less fights the longer he holds the title. The UFC bantamweight champion agreed with his friend, knowing that the level of competition will only rise and he will be watched even more:

    I think so because it's hard when you are the champion. All eyes are on you, the other athletes are studying your game. Sometimes you win a fight and people say it was easy but it has been difficult since ten years until now. Of course the plan is to finish fights but it won't always happen.

    Barao will defend his belt against T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 173 on May 23, in another fight involving members of Nova Uniao and Team Alpha Male. The Brazilian, though, doesn't see personal issues between the teams.

    I think there is no rivalry. Team Alpha Male is one of the best camps in the world, their fighters are always getting title shots and that is why all these fights against us from Nova Uniao. But only we have two belts.

    Barao also hopes to maintain his belt and fight one more time at 2014.

    They called me to save this card and I'm up to fight one more time this year. Raphael Assunšao deserves this shot because he is coming off a good win streak and was asking to fight me before he got hurt.
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    Dillashaw is going to get wrecked so bad in this fight. Either 1st round or 2nd round TKO.

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    Barao may be right. But if there's an opportunity for him to finish, he usually goes for it and gets it.

    I do want to see Assuncao get a shot. It's good to see Barao acknowledging the work his challengers put in.

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    I feel like when guys say this its never true and when they say they are going to put on awesome fights and go for the finish they don't.

    I remember Leonard Garcia saying he never is going to win fight of the night again because he is going to fight conservatively which he didn't do.

    Also every gsp fight after Hardy he would talk about how he is going to finish his opponent and there wasn't any point in which he seemed like he was trying to finish. Rumble Johnson also promised to "knock Hardy's head into the 5th row" and instead took him down 15 sconds into each round and just sat there.

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    It's refreshing to see him be open and honest. But Renan is a finisher and leaps and bounds better than anyone else in his division.
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