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Thread: Nogueira wants Mir, then retirement

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    Big Nog absolutely needs to call it a day. Prior to his debut in the UFC, he had never been finished. Since signing with the UFC, he's been finished in every one of his losses.

    He's taken too much punishment and like so many other greats, has nothing left to prove. He is a legend and hall of famer.
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    White: Nog should retire

    "Out of respect for Nogueira, I didn't want to say anything until he said something publicly," White said. "Then he came out and said he wants to fight Frank Mir. I don't want to see Nogueira fight ever again. He should retire.

    "He is a war horse. That guy has been in -- just the battles in PRIDE he's been in -- let alone the fights that he's fought in the UFC. He's one of the most respected fighters in the world by other fighters, let alone by fans. And I like him very much, too, so I wanted to give him the opportunity to say something first. And now I'm going to say, 'Big Nog, I love you, but I'd love you to never fight again.'"

    "I've been in this position a million times, so we'll figure it out."

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    I am a fan of Nog and would like to see him retire. That said I would watch him fight Mir one more time. I could also see him fighting Struve.

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