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Thread: Nogueira wants Mir, then retirement

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    White: Nog should retire

    "Out of respect for Nogueira, I didn't want to say anything until he said something publicly," White said. "Then he came out and said he wants to fight Frank Mir. I don't want to see Nogueira fight ever again. He should retire.

    "He is a war horse. That guy has been in -- just the battles in PRIDE he's been in -- let alone the fights that he's fought in the UFC. He's one of the most respected fighters in the world by other fighters, let alone by fans. And I like him very much, too, so I wanted to give him the opportunity to say something first. And now I'm going to say, 'Big Nog, I love you, but I'd love you to never fight again.'"

    "I've been in this position a million times, so we'll figure it out."

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    I am a fan of Nog and would like to see him retire. That said I would watch him fight Mir one more time. I could also see him fighting Struve.

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