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Thread: Alistair Overeem would run his own camp, then lose and blame everyone but himself

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    Default Alistair Overeem would run his own camp, then lose and blame everyone but himself

    Alistair Overeem would run his own camp, then lose and blame everyone but himself

    Perhaps whatever it was Alistair Overeem was looking for in Golden Glory, and then again in Blackzilians, can finally be found at Jackson's MMA.

    "Alistair was one of those guys who was on the team but never really committed to being part of it. He would run his own camps, bring in his own guys, train by himself, so him going somewhere else won't make much difference, it isn't a huge loss. The funny thing was, he would run his own camps and bring his own people in, then go out there and lose and blame everybody but himself. So now if he goes to Jackson's and doesn't learn to open up and step out of himself then he is going to get the same results... Honestly speaking, I don't even know why he wants to join a team. All he is going to do is bring in his own guys so I don't know why he is even joining a team rather than making his own team."

    Top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight and full time Blackzilian, Rashad Evans, tells John Joe O'Regan that his camp won't be lamenting the loss of heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem, who jumped ship last year after back-to-back losses to Bigfoot Silva and Travis Browne

    Travis Browne on Alistair Overeem joining Team Jackson: ‘I embrace' it
    “I actually embrace the idea,” Browne told MMAjunkie. “When you have top athletes that are in the same weight class, sometimes they can butt heads, but the way I look at it is iron sharpening iron. If the stars ever align again and him and I meet in the cage, then it will be an even better fight than it was last time.”

    Browne and Overeem collided this past August in one of the most dramatic one-round fights in UFC history (watch it below). Overeem nearly stopped Browne with a vicious assault of knees to the body early on before Browne stormed back to stop the Dutchman with a front kick to the jaw.

    Even though it’s been less than a year since that UFC Fight Night 26 bout, Browne said there are no hard feelings with Overeem – at least on his end.

    “If you personally don’t get along with somebody, that doesn’t mean they can’t help you professionally,” Browne said. “I’ve personally never had any issues with Overeem, and professionally, I’ve never had any issues with him. For me, what would concern me is if we had a professional beef. But there hasn’t been any of the sort, so we’ll just be here to push each other to be the best in the world.”

    Browne’s thinks the addition of Overeem to the Team Jackson-Winkeljohn family is beneficial for everyone involved. Quality heavyweights are hard to come by in MMA, and with the recent departure of Shawn Jordan from the camp, Browne’s training partners have been scarce.

    Now that Overeem is in the mix, Browne said he is excited not only to have someone else to push him in training, but also someone he can push back and have by his side through the daily grind.

    “Just having somebody there to push you when you need it is great,” Browne said. “It’s not going to be about just me benefitting from this. He’s going to learn a lot too being out here at Jackson’s.

    “I always say that during our camps here at Jackson’s, if you don’t sit down with yourself a couple times per camp and question if you really want to do this sport, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Here at Jackson’s, I’ve had multiple days where I’ve questioned myself and if I want to do this. We just push each other so hard to be the best, and he’ll see what that feels like – and in a good way, not in a bad way. I don’t intend to threaten anybody. It’s the hard work here that’s get you through.”

    While Overeem won’t help Browne (15-1-1 MMA, 6-1-1 UFC) prepare for his UFC on FOX 11 showdown with Fabricio Werdum (17-5-1 MMA, 5-2 UFC) later this month, he’s expected to the join the team after recovering from a recent elbow surgery.

    If all goes according to plan, Browne will get past Werdum and earn a shot at reigning heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez later this year.

    Having a top heavyweight like Overeem by his side as he pursues a world title could be beneficial for someone in Browne’s position. And as long as there are no unforeseen conflicts, Browne said he sees zero downside to this situation.

    “I don’t have a problem with inviting other heavyweights in,” Browne said. “If they train hard in the gym and they work their way up to fight me or I work my way up to fight them, then it is what it is. This is our job; this is what we do. We train every day for free by punching each other in the face and killing each other in the gym, so why not earn a decent paycheck doing it?”
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    Like Browne's perspective of the whole thing.

    Rashads is interesting as well

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    I really like Rashad and believe he's the type of even-minded, articulate fighters who'll have a great career in commentary or analysis once his career is done, he has great poise and a good mind for the sport when conveying it to an audience.

    I think Overeem's UFC run is indicative of what we kinda suspected all along- he was hype and horse-meat assisted while can-crushing himself into a sweet sounding record, but for as long as he's been around the game....he is what he is and there's a ceiling to that. Camps aren't the issue with him, he wouldn't have won either the Browne or Bigfoot fights because of a different camp, as he was the one who threw the pick-six in both of those bouts and different camps aren't going to stop you from getting blasted when you carrying yourself like Overeem does.

    Moving to Jackson's doesn't accomplish anything IMO, he'll beat the guys he should beat and get into deep waters, but this isn't going to help him pass drug tests, it isn't going to help him duck JDS any better and I think he's carrying around too much muscle to really improve his cardio greatly. I give it eight months to a year before he goes back to Holland so he can get out from under certain scrutinies that may hover stateside re:his performance

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    What kind of article doesn't say who said the quote until the middle of the article?

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    Coach Winkeljohn says that if Overeem doesn’t become a team player at Jackson’s, he ‘will be ostracized real quick’ and will be gone

    Alistair Overeem may be on his way to Jackson's MMA, but there are a few things he will need to alter in his training methodology if he is to be fully integrated into the team.

    Coach Mike Winkeljohn, who heads the gym along with Greg Jackson, expressed his excitement regarding the addition of an elite striker such as Overeem, but also mentioned that there was quite a few aspects of his game that could be altered.

    "I'm excited about a striker like him thing there's one thing I want to do, he's got great striking but he needs to change it." Winkeljohn told Submission Radio. "I feel we can help him change that a little bit for MMA. He's planning on coming, I haven't spoke with him yet, but as soon as he comes I'm going to be excited to be working with him."
    Winklejohn detailed some of the changes he would help Overeem make, which include altering his angles after an attack and defense.

    "He's so strong the guy can hit hard, I mean Travis Browne told me how hard he and hit, but the thing is I want him to not be striking and then standing in a place where he can get counter punched and or taken down. He needs to strike and then make slight angle changes, I think will change his game tremendously."
    While Winkeljohn is excited about the assets that Overeem brings to the team, he was also weary about the Dutchman's past experiences at camps such as the Blackzilians, where he refused to act as a team player.

    "I think we need to, that's just the way our camp is. It's first and foremost you have to help others and if you start helping other people out, if he could help other people out with his stand up and his knowledge in different positions, and the team is going to help him. If not, he will be ostracized real quick and he'll be gone."

    "The guys won't do it themselves or want me to be a jerk about it, which I'm usually a jerk, but it just happens that way. That's, why we're so good at what we do I think is, the guys help each other and that's huge, because you can't do it by yourself no matter how good you think you are, you need to help others to become successful in this sport."
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